How It Works: 

Realizing excellent results is simple and 100% risk free.

1. Select Your Items and Packages

Your DSC Consulting representative will help you to choose the items and packages that will maximize positive results for your organization.


2. Items are Sent Via Fed Ex

There is no charge for shipping and handling.


3. Print Display Signs For Bidder's Choice Packages

They will be emailed to you prior to your auction along with bid sheets.


4. Offer Items and Packages For Sale 

Most items and packages can have multiple winners.*


5. Let Us Know What Was Sold

100% of funds raised above the wholesale costs are donated.


6. Return Any Unsold Items

Pack up any unsold items in the box that they arrived in and DSC Consulting will email a prepaid Fed Ex return shipping label to you.


*Please visit for details.

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