Everybody Wins

With DSC Consulting's No Risk Charity Auction Program

When every person who places a bid in your auction wins the sports or celebrity collectible that they are excited about the real winner is your organization because the amount of funds raised is significantly higher than if each item has only one winner.

Since introducing the Everybody Wins concept many of the organizations that we serve have increased the amount of  funds raised by 25-50% over the previous year even though they have included the same number of items and packages.

How It Works

Multiple quantities are available of most no risk auction items and packages.
Prior to your auction DSC Consulting will provide you with a list of the no risk auction items and Bidder's Choice Packages that you have selected that includes descriptions, prices, and available quantities.
After your auction let us know if you sold multiple quantities of any no risk auction items or Bidder's Choice packages and they will be sent directly to the bidders.
There is no cost for shipping and handling within the continental United States.